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Posted by altheacat at Jun 2, 2016 8:30:45 AM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
On the point that was made earlier that it has been said that nothing has been tweaked by the Devs because somebody said so, and that there were no new updates anyway, I am not at all computer savvy, but the monthly updates some on the last day of the preceding month with a built in time-delay. So isn't it possible that a harder curve has been built in? I just don't know.

I just want to re-confirm that we haven't changed anything related to the difficulty or behavior of the Kraken tentacles. We did make adjustments to the payouts a while ago, and there was some reworking of the boards while the Kraken was still in development which made things harder (as you mentioned). But we definitely haven't made any secretive change with the intention of the tentacles being smarter or more difficult to deal with.

If you can take any notes on your future Kraken hunts, it might be helpful to analyze what it is that makes the tentacles seem harder. Is it happening every time, only on certain boards? Maybe then we can compare notes with some other people here and see if there's some sort of pattern.

Many thanks indeed for taking the time to post Forculus!

I wasn't going to renew my bravery badge, but now will and indeed take notes.

Anecdotally, so far, here goes:

- There seem to be more tentacles overall, just an impression.

- They spawn closer to the 'nests', and as the boards are less open, that adds difficulty. In the three turns before the head comes up again, you can bet your bottom dollar three or four tentacles will guard the nest entrance, with a few more added for fun to chase the unwary pirate in the area close to the entrance.

- They seem to spawn where players are. Say you are going up the right hand side of the board, that's where they spawn. Players change to the left hand side, the tentacles on the right disappear, and more spawn on the left.

- They also sit on entrances, be it corridors or, for example, the pod nest which is one of maybe two ways of getting to the eggs. If there is a third way, say taking a long route over the top of the board, at the inevitable pinch point, that's where you will find your Overfriendly Tentacles, in a herd. And they work as a team too, or so it seems.

- They also seem to invade the nests more often than before. If one doesn't time one's entry pretty accurately, they will chase you when you are, say, in the entry whirlie much better than before.

- They seem much more likely to follow and catch you than before. I wonder if this is related to experience, as mentioned before? Like Bnav, the higher your experience and standing, the more the enemy is likely to take any available shortcuts/route etc... to get you.

This is just anecdotal of course. But, finally, generally if the bomber can't get the head down with one or two tries, you might as well resign yourself to collecting little boxes, provided that is, that no tentacle sits in the cuttle nest or no team of tentacles guard the entrances to the locker, working as a team usually.

May I add that my hearties are gold bombers, extremely skilled, and good puzzlers. I've lost count of the number of times they've screamed in despair at 'unlucky' spawns, where they get caught even though they have built little fortresses of bombs ....

I'd love to hear from other people too, we've had the ones who think it's just too easy still, let me tell you, this isn't the only opinion. I shall canvass hearties and ask them to post here if they wouldn't mind.

Thank you again, Forculus, for replying .
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