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Posted by Forculus at Jun 1, 2016 7:32:47 PM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
On the point that was made earlier that it has been said that nothing has been tweaked by the Devs because somebody said so, and that there were no new updates anyway, I am not at all computer savvy, but the monthly updates some on the last day of the preceding month with a built in time-delay. So isn't it possible that a harder curve has been built in? I just don't know.

I just want to re-confirm that we haven't changed anything related to the difficulty or behavior of the Kraken tentacles. We did make adjustments to the payouts a while ago, and there was some reworking of the boards while the Kraken was still in development which made things harder (as you mentioned). But we definitely haven't made any secretive change with the intention of the tentacles being smarter or more difficult to deal with.

If you can take any notes on your future Kraken hunts, it might be helpful to analyze what it is that makes the tentacles seem harder. Is it happening every time, only on certain boards? Maybe then we can compare notes with some other people here and see if there's some sort of pattern.

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