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Posted by altheacat at Jun 1, 2016 5:11:59 PM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
I ran KH on back to back charts a couple of months ago. On one of the charts, I was able to move with impunity, whether solo or with others. On one run, four of us didn't even bother to bomb, since we were able to reach the eggs and get back with little interference from the tents. On another run, I had a full sloop and a couple of the jobbers were seeing how many single-locks they could get in a dip (they pulled 58.) On the other chart, every single board was full of rock traps and funnels, and the tents swarmed the only one or two avenues to the back of the board. Sometimes we had to run with two bombers simply because the tents would swarm the first one or they would spawn underneath the bomber in the recovery phase.

I honestly think it is simply the particular chart that spawns the particular boards.

I would agree that some charts seem "nastier" than others. But, on the other hand, the OIC often disengages if the head isn't down fast, or if the map is horrible. Next entry or the one after is usually fine-ish, though tents do swarm more. They also sit in the nest more than they did.

Having said that, I am well aware that if one posts a mild complaint about the "perceived" changes in the game, many people post to say : " no, nothing's changed, my game is totally fine ". I just think KH has changed for the worst, is much more frustrating and I am saying it is a shame that such a nice feature of the game now often leads to irritation instead of pleasure.

On the point that was made earlier that it has been said that nothing has been tweaked by the Devs because somebody said so, and that there were no new updates anyway, I am not at all computer savvy, but the monthly updates some on the last day of the preceding month with a built in time-delay. So isn't it possible that a harder curve has been built in? I just don't know.

Altogether though I like the explanation that the tents have PMS ( :) ) and possibly that the more experience one has the harder the puzzle becomes, even though this isn't recognised officially in one's stats. I have some 9 kraklings I have won, so have done the puzzle a lot, collecting a fair few eggs/pods/etc...

Anyway, life goes on, I just miss the fun we used to have, that's my rant over.
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