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Posted by elbeejay at May 31, 2016 7:49:57 PM
Re: Try It I dare you.
So at the risk of sounding like an elitist, I'll let you know how this has gone for me.
Do you feel welcomed?

As someone that knows how to play the game, I think this is a perspective that is harder for me to appreciate. Being jobbed on a ship and participating in a pillage is not foreign or new to me, so I never felt unwelcome.
Many of you who /tell my main come job for/with me won?t hire my alts with the same stats.

After a bit of random pillaging to get some puzzling experience, I haven't had any trouble getting jobbed on what some might consider "elite" pillages. I think that if anything, the shrinking of the games population has forced pillagers to lower their standards. Where someone might have once screened for duty puzzles and swordfighting for a pillage, they may only be looking at duty puzzling. Even then the criteria people are looking for also seems to have dropped. I can only imagine that your experience with your alt was negative because your main pirate gets jobbed primarily due to social connections and not simply based off of your puzzle standings. My alt ended up with worse stats than my main pirate across the board but I never felt like my stats were keeping me from being jobbed. At the end of the day I don't think most people I jobbed with cared about who I was so long as I met or exceeded their puzzling standards.

To be fair, I am not really all that interested in sea monsters. But at least on the pillaging side of things I have found ship runners to be equally kind and grateful to have my main pirate or the alt aboard. I have confidence that I would have had little trouble being hired for Atlantis or Haunted Seas runs. The CIs and KHs seem a bit trickier because of the trophy requirements people like to impose. But to that point, when I came back after a hiatus my main pirate lacked any KH trophies but has had few problems with being jobbed.
-Elbee on Hunter, Sage, Viridian, and Malachite

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