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Posted by bailet at May 31, 2016 10:33:00 AM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
Spoiler alert: this is going to be a rant and a medium long one...

Kraken hunting has been the very, very, very best thing to happen to PP. Why? Because of the time scale.

As a long term player ( 2006 ), I've tried pretty well most things in the game, though TD still escapes me. Apart from Navy missions though, and crafting, which are all solo efforts, there was nothing which could be done with mates, be fun, and yet not use up huge amounts of time, apart from poker which is NOT a puzzle. Pillaging, SMH, HS all takes a long time with no well defined limits. Kraken, on the other hand, was a fun way to spend say an hour de-stressing after work, with nice people. The poes are irrelevant to me though it's nice getting kraklings and thinking up new names for them. The really best thing was ( and is ) the fact that each entry lasts 30 minutes so you know what you are committing to when you join your friends.


They've tweaked it, and in a bad way.

Yes, the pay out was too high, and the puzzle was initially too easy. After a bit, even I, a card-carrying non B-navver, could eventually understand the whirlies, winds and learn my way round the board.

So the pay was reduced which was a good thing. The puzzle was made a bit harder with fewer route options, again a good thing.

The last change has made the AI incredibly aggressive and frustrating. Which has taken the fun out of the puzzle and the whole experience. So many people have given up altogether. No amount of poes/trinkets/clothes/fams makes up for the sheer irritation of spending half an hour being swamped by tentacles.

This is a GAME.

OK, make new fast puzzles like patching ( can't do that ) and tweak old games ( is sailing really harder than it was or am I just getting seriously old? ). Loads of very talented players have a lot of fun that way, and I completely understand you have a broad player base with young, old, clever and not so clever puzzlers. But please, don't keep ramping up the difficulty of what was the very nicest new addition to the game.

I shan't renew my bravery badge or buy new row boats for a bit, I need a break from what has become a source of annoyance anger and downright rage. And I know a lot of people who have simply given up krakening and even some who left the game.

* Sad face*

Just to pop in on sailing as the rest of this has been discussed - you may think it is harder due to the decaying player base. The curve of puzzles is set based on the performance of the ocean on that puzzle over a duration of time - without new players to suck at the puzzle, the curve goes up.

Although I have come back from a year long hiatus and found the sailing curve to be just as I expected.
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