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Posted by altheacat at May 31, 2016 4:15:48 AM
Re: RIP Kraken Hunt
Can I come on your KHs then?


I wouldn't have posted this without talking to a lot of people.

I saw Forculus's post and am very grateful to him for posting as he did. It's fantastic to get feedback. Many thanks to him for interacting with the player base.

There will always be good maps and bad maps. If you get a run of nice maps, yes, you can do well, but a lot of the new boards have been hard. Now that's fine, it's in fact part of the fun of the game finding new routes. However, have you not noticed how the tentacles not only are better at following you and hitting you but also spawn in slightly greater numbers, guard the nests much better and indeed 'camp' in the nests? This has been happening for the last three to four weeks and has seemed worse in the last two weeks ( lifetime of a row boat ).

Anyway, I was expecting this kind of reply, there's always an opposite position. Some people find things easier, or are just luckier at the particular time.

I have two days left on my badge, will look for you Gurni ( if you'll have me :) ).
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