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Posted by ryujinpp at May 23, 2016 1:12:16 AM
Re: Try It I dare you.
try this on cerulean... ye might be surprised at the stark difference :D

1. we avoid cross-loading where possible
i was planning on loading HS when i logged in some 13hrs ago but there was a junklantis loading on NB, so i went there instead

2. we are less stringent with who we job
i was jobbed on a CI few days ago, and the 2 bilgers were having tough time making thrall tokens (yeah, can be a b**** tokening bilge at times).. since the voyage leader was so kind in accepting less than stellar jobbers, i offered to switch from sails to token bilge, and then switched back to sails when we had full thralls

3. elite KH?
i jobs anyone who applies on my kraken hunt without checking fer trophies, even if i have been on same boat with them before & knowing that they will only go after cuttleboxes or tentlockers.. and i have seen many similar voyage leader who also jobs anyone who applies

4. dual clienting smh?
ahhh ye see... ye require subscription to do these on cerulean... so we really do see a lot less of such thing on cerulean cos most of us maintain 1 sub acct fer most of the time apart fer some who uses multiple subs fer shoppe labour, kudos to them fer supporting the game

5. friendliness towards greenie?
well.. just some 12hrs ago when i was on that junklantis which i mentioned above... i saw a hearty asking on greeter channel fer assistance from online greeters who could communicate in spanish bcos she was having difficulty trying to help a spanish greenie, and yes there were responses from other online greeters (there was one who speaks spanish)

so yeah, come try it out on cerulean :D
Galene tells ye, "I reserve the right to not deliver prizes to you anymore in the future :P"
Galene tells ye, "You crashed me 6 times!"

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