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Posted by Fourmpost at May 22, 2016 1:22:12 PM
Try It I dare you.
Why is the game/ocean dyeing?

An easy way to find out is start out as a new green account, tell no one who you are. Don’t cheat start poor and with a foil.

Do you feel welcomed?

Will your “friends” job you or judge you?

Spend 2 weeks saving for a SMH badge and find out that maybe you can get on a HS, but not a CIT though many of you job my main. Only if that silver CIT was there…. CI… LOL the elite of elite, KH maybe but really spend more Poe on a kit to not get jobbed.

Let’s face it there are the SMH runners who people will job with, and those who can’t break into the circle cause when they job they get over jobbed and also have to settle for the second tier of jobbers cause the clicks are so thick. Let’s not forget those who go for the free sink. Or those dual clienting.

Many of you who /tell my main come job for/with me won’t hire my alts with the same stats.

Try it out make a greenie and see if you enjoy the game and how your treated are (remember you can’t identify yourself). Not saying the game can’t do more to bring in new players but if the current players chase them away it’s rather pointless.

Yes, I hid behind an alt.

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