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Posted by OtherJenny at May 19, 2016 12:19:19 AM
Re: In lieu of a LE ship release, could this ship be released in it's place?
6) The design shown has four scenes (Cabin, Crow's nest, Main deck, and Main hold). I would also recommend adding a fifth scene at the back of the Main hold (and making the main hold slightly smaller to accommodate). This ship has the potential to be used in extremely creative ways, and I would hate to see it limited to three wardrobes/trinket cases, etc.[/quote]

Oh yes! An extra room below deck would be nice too! I agree with everything Jamesh listed too!

But since we're throwing out some *more* suggestions (hehe), I wish we could hang items on the walls below decks (on the inside of the hull,) and it would be coded into the game so it'd apply to all current ships as well.... *swoons*

I promise not to nail anything in too deep into the hull of a ship that might cause a leak.... cross my heart.[/quote]

Shipyards could sell special corks for the plugging of holes!
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