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Posted by jlh0605 at May 17, 2016 2:05:51 PM
Re: In lieu of a LE ship release, could this ship be released in it's place?
I would also like to see this! I thought I only had one or two thoughts to add, but then my brain started spewing ideas, so here's a few of my ideas/suggestions:

1) I would recommend that it be released as a new class of sloop, as opposed to a new ship type. Possible class names would include "Blank", "Empty", "Colorable", "Designer", and I'm sure a whole host of others. (I personally like the sound of "Designer Class sloop".) This would also allow ARRtist creativity in choosing Artistic, Creative, Decorative, Designer, Painter, etc. adjectives for this class. See what I did there?

2) I would additionally recommend that this be a permanently available class of sloop. I'm okay with or without it requiring a design, though if it does require a design, just have the design cost straight up PoE. Or maybe junk furniture.

3) Although I would not personally use it, I also second the idea of making more types of replaceable ship-bound furniture (hatches, ladders, doorways, staircases). Additionally, I support adding options for "plain" figureheads, cannons, and helms (the ability to revert to the default look for the ship type).

4) I also second the idea of making the mast, and the front of the crow's nest, 1-wide walls for the purposes of placing banners, etc. Most LE ships have an item hanging from at least one of those two places.

5) I would like it if all wooden items that cannot be removed could be recolored. Specifically, things like the "leave the ship" ship and the stairs themselves (not the railing) could match existing categories (hull, trim, walls, railing, etc.). There could also be a new "deck" category for walkable surfaces. Maybe even the carpentry station could change colors!

6) The design shown has four scenes (Cabin, Crow's nest, Main deck, and Main hold). I would also recommend adding a fifth scene at the back of the Main hold (and making the main hold slightly smaller to accommodate). This ship has the potential to be used in extremely creative ways, and I would hate to see it limited to three wardrobes/trinket cases, etc.

7) I would support limited use of moving stations/holds/leave the ship/navigation tables. Allow them to be moved within a scene, but not removed. Cannons could be moved only on the same side of the same deck they're already on, and the railing with a hole for the cannon could move with it.

8) I would like to (eventually, not at inital release) see this done for several ship types. It would be fun to see a blockade fleet of custom-designed ships matching the flag's name!

9) Slightly off-topic, but related: Currently, adding a chest to a ship allows you to access the PoE in the hold (either deposit-only or withdraw-deposit depending on your privilege aboard the ship). Many LE ships come with a Fancy chest that instead offers access to the booty (not just the PoE, but the items in it as well). Would it be possible to make it so chests can access the full hold (basically by adding the action="vessel:hold" tag to the object)? Would it also be possible to place chests that can access the booty (by adding the action="vessel:booty" tag)? As far as which chest is which type, it could either be a checkbox when placing, or simply say "only fancy chests can access the booty, the rest access the hold". I think this would allow for some more thematic scenes.

10) Items 1 and 2, above, would need to be decided before the ship's release. All the others could come slowly (or not at all) in future releases, as dev time allows.
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