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Posted by ForumBoocher at May 11, 2016 8:43:26 AM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements
Another idea would be to not get rid of nonsinking flotillas, just downsize them enough so that very small ships (sloop-baghlah) can go in and actually interact with the flotilla.

Originally I don't think it was designed for low pop numbers and small ships, so its understandable that the spawns are still too strong for that run of ships, but it would be a way to lower the difficulty of entry to this aspect of the game. I think it would increase interest among those not named Emerlaus, especially in the big gray area of people who have figured out pillaging and now have no way to break into the harder, teamwork style bnav everyone aspires to have in cades and whatnot.

A small flotilla of a sloop and a cutter for one sloop sorta deal would be tremendously more interesting, I think, for young officers running voyages. A couple want to work together and deal with a dhow a sloop and two cutters? That seems like an awesome learning, teamwork oriented environment and a fun way to bridge the gap between pillages and the more elite sides of PP

My hope is that it would be great building block (and in my admitted ignorance, an easy one to implement) to give the game a more gradual slope that our stagnation has kinda steepened.

TLDR Smaller, more manageable ship spawns in nonsinkies->increased interest from middle class who can't load big ships->more (and more variety) voyages on the notice board.

All that being said, I love the other suggestions in the thread, except maybe total removal of nonsinking ones. It's a fun aspect of the game that has been hit very hard by population decreases and SMH payouts.
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