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Posted by etieti at May 10, 2016 1:54:19 PM
Re: Much needed Flotilla Improvements
Flotillas have for a long time been in need of some tlc, over the years with a diminishing player base aswell as the release of newer voyage options it has fallen from grace.

Flotillas are a core element of the game alongside pillages, without such we are left with countless unwanted blockades. Flotillas have become a chore for many rather than an element of fun. Find below a few of my suggestions to help bring flotillas back into relevance.

  • Move Bk's higher up the board - Bk's should be second below pillages to reflect their importance to the game. Plus the fact that they do not require a bravery badge (better for newer players). This would help with load times and give newer players more of an opportunity to load.
  • Use the Bk's emblem in the voyage section for better distinction (Red for sinkies) - Self explanatory, allows for clarity and would look good.
  • Preventing Bk's spawning on uninhabitable archipelagos - Flotillas in Mala are a nightmare, between finding a charter and moving stock 40 LP's, to radical randomisation of drops. This is a needless headache for many
  • Trophies for MG/MB sinks - Fun addition to make flotillas more fun and give people more reason to go on them. (No MG/MB sink trophies to date)
  • Increased payouts for non-sinky flots (to bring in line with alternate voyages). Bring back bk trinkets for sinking flotillas?!

I understand that I will likely recieve backlash for this post as I am an avid flotilla runner myself. However I write this post in the interest of the game, and in the hope that newer players can pick up flotillas. Unless you are well known in the current setup you have a very low chance of loading.

I hope this post does not fall on death ears, Make Flots Great Again!

Make all flots sinky! Fix the problem much easier!

I agree with everything else!

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