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Posted by Malificentt at Apr 25, 2016 7:21:18 PM
INFAMOUS 4th Annual Pet Auction
We at Infamous strongly believe that owning a pet can relieve stress, ease loneliness, promote social interaction, help build Heartie lists and even encourage pirates to pillage and plunder the seas.

This year we have searched high and low for pets to offer the Pirates of Meridian. We have found small black dogs, small black cats, seals, pigs and an elephant. We searched sea monster lairs to re-home karkinos and kraklings. Two tan parrots have been caged and one un-opened box containing a spider will also be up for adoption. Plus a few surprises. We are also including a tailor Shoppe on Napi Peek as one of our items to be bid on.

You are cordially invited to Infamous's 4th annual Adopt-A-Pet Auction

When Friday April 29th

Time 1:00 PM (game time)

Rules :
1. This is an auction. Each box will contain one pet or familiar or shoppee.

2. Starting bid on each box will be 100k with bidding increments of 10k (or more)

3. Take good care of your pet after he or she is won.

Please note that this event, as with any lottery, raffle or auction, is run at the risk of the participants. If there is shown to be cheating or wrongdoing, the culprit will be punished, but no poe will be returned to participants affected. Please only enter if you trust the person or people hosting the event.
Queen of Infamous
Princess of Lion's Bane

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