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Posted by Cronus at Apr 19, 2016 8:19:51 AM
Re: Puzzle Pirates News!
Ahoy, mates.

The servers should all be transferred and we're working to correct any lingering issues. We still have a number of things that we need to work on before we consider implementing any new content. Thank you for all the patience youÂ’ve had.

Unfortunately due to the size of our new support team, we are no longer able to provide German language support.

This means that players on Opal should expect to see the following changes:

- New game content on Opal may be displayed in English.
- Responses to support queries in German will be answered in English along with a German translation via Google Translate.
- The events reflected in game will be in English.
- Players reading the Opal forums should continue to feel free to contact us via petition to inform us of any Forum Guideline violations.

We understand that this will be upsetting for our German community and those who enjoy playing on Opal. We're sorry that we have to make these changes. It was an incredibly difficult decision, but one that was ultimately necessary.
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