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Posted by lilymoon at Mar 26, 2016 7:52:40 AM
Re: [EGGS: WINNERS ANNOUNCED!] People's Choice 2016! Vote for your favorite non-winning egg design!

First off, thanks to all who took the time to vote!

These were such awesome entries, and I know it wasn't just me having a tough time picking only five top choices.

Now lets see how your votes turned out! [ ....... Drum Roll! ....... ]

Presenting the 2016 People's Choice Eggs!

In First place, with 25 points, is Greyladyy of Cerulean's 8th egg. Greyladyy wins supreme bragging rights, as well as a two event eggs: Kevinstar's pastel egg and Frost's Ghostling egg.

In second place, with 22 points, is Lastcall of Emerald's 6th egg. He will win Bookling's mushroom egg.

In third place, with 21 points, is Faeree of Cerulean's 1st egg. She will win Frost's ghostling egg.

In fourth place, with 20 points, is Faeree of Cerulean's 8th egg. She will win Feix's golden egg.

In fifth place, with 16 points, is Meadflagon of Cerulean's 1st egg. He will win Firstround's admiral egg.

In sixth place we have a tie! With 15 points, is Faeree of Cerulean's 2nd egg and Firstround of Emerald's 7th egg. Faeree will win Lastcall's puzzle egg and Firstround will win Cutiepie's bubblegum spiral egg.

In seventh place we have a tie! With 14 points, is Cutiepie of Meridian's 6th egg and Lastcall of Emerald's 7th egg. Cutiepie will win Sapphic's piggy egg and Lastcall will win Frost's frosted egg.

In eighth place we have a tie! With 13 points, is Doggbreath of Cerulean's 2nd egg and Faeree of Cerulean's 3rd egg. Doggreath will win Dexla's underwater egg and Faeree will win Dexla's peacock egg.

In ninth place, with 12 points, is Frost of Emerald's 2nd egg. He will win Kevinstar's rouge wave egg .

Thank you all so much for participating in this year's People's Choice Awards! Your votes do count and for those that didn't have their designs selected by the Arrtists this year, please do resubmit them next year! You never know what next year will bring :)

A huge thank ye to our wonderful Clotho Bunny who generously provides the prizes and will be delivering them in the next few days!

For anyone interested in viewing the voting details, click here.
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