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Posted by telford3 at Sep 29, 2003 6:02:56 AM
Inventory bad
For all of you business minded people one rule overrides anything else in business. If you have a large inventory you go out of business. Right now all the shop owners are acting like they are in a monopoly. They stockpile goods and wait for prices to change. So you have market prices that will buy from you for 10 poe, and sell to you for 500 poe. Because if they don't sell, they don't care. Their should be some way of goods going bad. Sugar cane rots, wood gets mold, cloth gets moths. This way shops would be at a disadvantage if they had too many goods, therefore they would not keep them for too long. I was thinking only around %3-5 for most goods. This would be just enough for people not to stockpile.
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