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Posted by Quansha at Feb 16, 2016 11:16:26 PM
Re: Anti-Valentine's Doodle: Love Stinks! [Deadline: Feb 16, 11:59pm]
Quansha on Emerald

There once were two pirates from Doyle
Whose love was destined to spoil
On a Valentine's day
It had wasted away
But their hatred had come to a boil

Their behaviour was foul and outrageous
And so vile that it soon turned contagious
The mayhem would spread
Until the governor plead
"Take this poison to end all the chaos!"

With a newfound mutual devotion
To avoid the island's implosion
They each took a swig
And in one final jig
Whisked to separate sides of the ocean
Quansha on Emerald

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