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Posted by Minsiem at Feb 16, 2016 8:17:19 PM
Re: Anti-Valentine's Doodle: Love Stinks! [Deadline: Feb 16, 11:59pm]
A day devoted to sentiment.
Inflates sales for breath mints.
From working the seas,
One must spray Febreze.
And don't forget some ointment.

Now ye be ready to strut it,
But pickings are slim, like fish gutted.
Perhaps it'd behoove ye,
To find yer love's bloom be-
Fore her finger's yet studded.

Courage mustered, though shaken,
Ye valiantly strive for a stake in,
The hand of this lass,
But alack! Alas!
Why are all the good ones taken?

-Minsiem of Cerulean
(Love smells like Moonlight OrchidTM )
Minsiem, Like A Fox
Nimbelina, Any Minute Now

I believe in a Higher Purple!

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