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Posted by SaviourS at Feb 16, 2016 8:45:36 AM
Re: Anti-Valentine's Doodle: Love Stinks! [Deadline: Feb 16, 11:59pm]
A heart full of love to be given
Many times has he tried with women
Attempts all in vain
Left with nothing but pain
Yet at the end of the day he remains striven

To find the woman right for his heart
With whom he should never be apart
Try as he may
Until this very day
No one seemed like his perfect counterpart

Another Valentine's day on his own
Mad at the world, as he began to moan:
"Oh gods from the heavens above
Why am I unable to find love"
And that is the story of forever alone.

Saviour, Meridian
Ayy this is kinda fun
Saviour, Meridian

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