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Posted by Nemesis at Feb 15, 2016 9:20:38 AM
Anti-Valentine's Doodle: Love Stinks! [Winners announced!]

Winners announcement!
What are we doing? Celebrating Anti-Valentines!
How do we play? Create your own Limerick using a lovelorn or pro-singles theme!
Why do we do this? Because love stinks!
When do I have to do this? February 16th, 11:59pm

The prizes
* Black things!
* Solo items!
* Definitely not lovey-dovey things!
* Celebratory things but probably with an attitude!
* A ship with an anti-Valentine related name!
* Portraits! Probably with Nemesis!
* Shiny Sun Points!
As I have done previously (we all know I stole this from Apollo by now, right?), I'm keeping prizes flexible, depending on the quantity and quality of entries. Ready to punch Love in the guts? Here's more information:

The details
* Create a Limerick with a funny anti-Valentine theme. Failed love, funny rejections, empowerment for singles, whatever you like as long as it's funny, not love-y!
* Keep it (relatively) clean! If it wouldn't be allowed in the game on on these forums, don't risk it! I'll still probably laugh (I might be a 13 year old boy), but I'd have to disqualify it if it's too naughty.
* You may have up to three entries (total of 3 aabba). They can all flow together or be three separate limericks and should be posted in the same post.
* Please include your pirate name and ocean in your entry post.
* These should be funny! Dry, dark, slapstick - you pick the type of humor, but it must be funny!
* Any questions? Be sure to ask!

Hera says, "I wish I was awesome enough to be on #TeamEvil!"
Hera says, "And the sorry thing is, I can't remember if I said, or didn't say, that."
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