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Posted by Nemesis at Jan 31, 2016 6:55:00 PM
Re: Puzzle Day Doodle: YPP IRL! [In Judging]

Overall: Doulber (Emerald) - A puzzlingly shiny sloop named the Puzzled Captainfish, a mint/persimmon wig, a portrait and a Nemesis doll - Delivered!
Ttwothirty (Merdian) - Tools, a lumber stack, a white/pink wig, a portrait and a Nemesis egg - Partially delivered (wig/egg)
Minsiem (Cerulean) - A fancy wardrobe and a purple/lime wig - Delivered!
Kevinstar (Merdian) - A swordrack and blue/orange wig - Delivered!
Alpha (Emerald) - A spinning wheel and light blue/brown wig - Delivered!
Oldwater (Emerald) - A tall stack of lumber and a grey/magenta wig - Delivered!
Codefish (Emerald) - A mocktail and a tan/tan wig! You're getting a prize even though you picked a puzzle that wasn't on the list, but only because I have to worry about someone who forages for alcohol at 5am. But hey, with all that citrus, at least you won't get scurvy! - Delivered!

Why so many wigs, you wonder? I'm puzzled too!

Doulber (Emerald) - 5 Sunshine points!
Ttwothirty (Merdian) - 3 Sunshine points!
Minsiem (Cerulean) - 2 Sunshine points!
Kevinstar (Merdian) - 2 Sunshine points!
Alpha (Emerald) - 2 Sunshine points!
Oldwater (Emerald) - 2 Sunshine points!

*Prizes will be delivered tonight for everything except ships and portraits. For ships and portraits, please petition letting me know when you'll be available and we'll schedule a time. Use "Nemesis - YPP IRL" as the subject!
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