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Posted by Nemesis at Jan 27, 2016 11:32:58 AM
Puzzle Day Doodle: YPP IRL! [Winners announced!]

Prizes Announcement

What are we doing? Finding YPP Puzzles in Real Life!
How do we play? Find and take a picture of real things that look like YPP puzzles (either in part or as a whole)
Why do we do this? Because we love puzzles!
When do I have to do this? By 29 Jan 2016 11:59pm Pacific

The prizes
* Puzzling things!
* Puzzle-like furniture!
* Nemesis Eggs!
* Maybe even a doll!
* Ships with puzzling paint jobs!
* Ships with puzzle related names!
* Shiny Sun Points!
As I have done previously (we all know I stole this from Apollo by now, right?), I'm keeping prizes flexible, depending on the quantity and quality of entries. Confused? Downright puzzled? Good! Here's more information:

The details
* The deadline is 11:59pm pirate time on Friday 29th January 2016
* One entry per person.
* Your picture should include an index card or similar including your pirate name and ocean.
* These must be your own pictures!
* No nudity, gross stuff, or illegal stuff. If it's questionable in any way, best to skip it.
* Your photograph should not be a figure study or a portrait - that is, any human being (or animal) should only be incidental to the shot, rather than being the main subject. For example, if you photograph a sailor, the photograph should be about the work or the activity rather than being a portrait.
* In addition, there should be no children visible in your photographs, except as unidentifiable figures in the background.
* Normal rules for forum content apply, so images should not contain tasteless or offensive text or content.
* Items in the picture can be "Found" meaning it already exists but also happens to look like a YPP puzzle, or created out of everyday items as long as they are reasonably unchanged. An example of a found entry could be a picture of your flooded privy with ol' Ma and Pa pirate bailing way with buckets. It could also be a super cool stack of lumber that just happens to have bits shaped like carpentry pieces. An (very boring and I better not see entries of this) example of a created picture would be a mop bucket full of marbles with some scattered sea life toys.
* Don't use my examples! My examples are super boring and won't entertain the judges (me).
* Don't put marbles in your toilet. I can see you thinking about it. Yes, you. DON'T DO IT.
* Do not do things that will cause damage. We won't be held responsible. I break enough things all on my own.
* You have time, so take time and ask questions if anything isn't clear.
* Make sure to caption your image in your post so that we know which puzzle you're sharing. Let's face it: Some of us couldn't recognize a Masterpiece from a Pig's Breakfast!

To keep things sane-ish and prevent quibbling, here is a list of puzzles in the game that will qualify:


Yes, I've left off some that could qualify as puzzles, but that's the way it's got to be!

So your entry post should include:
* pirate name and ocean
* a picture of your entry with your name/ocean tag
* your favorite in-game color (of those available in shoppes)

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Hera says, "And the sorry thing is, I can't remember if I said, or didn't say, that."
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