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Posted by Mrsanders7 at Jan 11, 2016 4:03:31 PM
Re: Re:Pirates seeking Crews
With Qlimax Telecom (temporary?) retiring ( I'm looking for a new flag. I'm still thinking about completely retiring, but if I find some fun flag I might stay around.

I'm looking for a flag that has the intention of cading larges. People in the flag playing poker is a plus. Smh pillages etc is not required. Flas that were opponents of us in the past definitely are options for me. (We've caded almost all flags so there wouldnt be much option left otherwise)

What can I offer:
- Still have some PoE
- experience in cading in general
- I'm nice most of the time
- I know how to nav
- Might bring wealthy friends with me
- Can teach newer navvers about navving
- I know general stuff about the game: like how to drop shoppes without crashing spawns

Let me know in game if your flag can offer me something.
(Recordings of old cades and cadesims)

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