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Posted by dragonfirezw at Dec 9, 2015 6:59:27 PM
Eskimo's going away TRIVIA CASH $$$ PRIZES and POES ;)
and don't forget dubs! If your not originally from Viridian (or originally from hunter) and I don't know you, don't come.(jk, just lie if I ask)

OK, Here ye wait hear ye hear ye, Eskimo or Zythros as you may know me .. my account name is dragonfire****.. (yeah-youth-I asked my parents why they didn't name me somethin cool like that-)

Is giving away ON Christmas Friday ALL of his belongings! Either give me the sum or gt** I hear someone thinking already.. well it's big.. but are we talking rum jug or keg?

We are talking a WHOPPING(Not Jr.) 500K HOLY **** Batman a (fancy) Gilded Couch(gold), my good chest collection of arpx 25 chest a skull splitter rug, gilded display case my bid tickets I am too lazy now to retrieve the best one is a filled ticket for 28 yarrow at 2420 wink wink a piece. and 758 hemp for 5 PoE each also a **** ton of wood have fun whoever gets that one.

and numerous other items mostly trinkets I have some daisy's and coral and sand dollars ect. and don't forget ectoplasm!

But now how will I be giving this away ~exactly~ I see, I see well see I thought of this hands on chin ~strokingly~ mild~ with a rowing motion... Trivia! Is going to be a big part of it, the other will be select a number type games so anyone could win and for each correct answer you get either a DUBLOON or the equivalent of a doubloon(at current market value you may ask with raised eyebrow, yes you are correct) That I believe will be my standard MINIMUM for each correct response! I got 500k to get rid of!

Where am I going to host this? Will it be spacious, no, it will not be it will be in my 8x10 iron working shop of course. IS that a good idea, probably not I may need someone to make me temporary room mate of something larger than a bathroom.

Please note this is subject to change at authors sole disclosure and he doesn't care. PerIod. So long as the digital rum flows

oh and the time will be arpx 7-8-9 PM central standard time. I mean eskimo igloo time.

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