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Posted by Shinito at Oct 2, 2015 7:24:07 AM
BASEMENT ROYALE -- 2,000,000 PoE Buy-in Poker Tournament.

Tired of endless cash games? Or perhaps you're a criminal mastermind in dire need of money? Then try a tournament!

When: October 10, 9:00 AM game time.
Where: Thorkill's Dirty Basement, Drogeo Island, Komodo Archipelago.
How many: Either 6 or 8 players. Extra players are welcome in case of vacancies.
Buy-in: 2,000,000 PoE buy-in will be made 30 minutes before the tournament starts.

Prizes: 1st 8mil, 2nd 4.8mil, 3rd 3.2mil OR 1st 7.2mil, 2nd 4.8mil for 6-handed

All players will buy in for 200 PoE into a 20-200 table.
"Blinds" will go up by all players cashing out and rebuying for half the amount they had (rounding down).
All players must cash out when the host says "Blinds Up!" in the chat.
If you have less than 40 PoE and cannot rebuy you will be automatically forfeit.
If 2 or more players cannot rebuy while at least one is in the money then the winner will be the player with more chips left. If both have the same amount then prizes will be chopped among them.
Blinds will go up in a reverse escalator at T+01:00:00, 01:45:00, 02:15:00, 02:30:00, 02:45:00, 03:00:00

Leaving the table for more than 5 minutes will automatically disqualify you.
When returning to the table you must re-buy for the amount that they cashed out for or 200 PoE if had more.
When a player disconnects others are encouraged to stall.

No Late Registration.
Chopping is allowed once all the remaining players are in the money.

Current participants:
Thorkill on Malachite 2.0 Obsidian

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