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Posted by Clotho at Sep 11, 2015 8:07:55 AM
Re: Shiny Sun Points!
Running total now includes the events: aMAZEin', Hot Potato and Hoist a Jolly Hera. Congratulations!

As mentioned before, Apollo eggs and dolls have increased their price.

Added points for Teddy BeARRRs!, Join the Brigand Kings!, Hooray! It's Pancake Day!, Pirationary Ahoy!, Posthumous Poetry and Is Galene a Ginger?

December doodle points and DD award coming soon!

Another edit:
Added points for Edit: OrnARRment Doodle, ARRtpad Doodle!, Noodle-Ring Doodle, ARRcat Doodle, Produce PirARRtes Doodle, The pARRRfect Gift, hARRRmonichorus, PoARRtrait Caption, New YeARR Head GeARR, New YeARR Resolutions.

Someone post something so I don't have to double post!
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