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Posted by Kraken at Sep 29, 2003 3:27:06 AM
Re: Labor!
I still dont agree with you. It sounds like you are describing a completely different problem (one of many) with the economy (that there be nothing for people to spend their poe on after a month or so) that was "patched" by shopkeepers exploiting a (arguably) bug in the game which allowed them to use labor they should not have really had at their dispense.

The wage war may get to be very tedious, tho I just started on Saturday and haven't had enough time at it to get annoyed, so my opinon may change as I gain more experience. I agree that implementing experience based skills will help solve this problem. Even tho the puzzles are not implemented, I think this theory should be tested using the stand-in puzzle in place of real puzzles, yet giving the experience the way it would if the real puzzles were implemented. I don't know how hard it is for the devs to "turn it on", maybe we can get some of their input on this thread eventually..

And for the last issue, owning a shop isnt costing me any maintenance poe, thus I only stand to gain money, even if it is at an extremely slow pace. During which time I can go out pillaging and make the poe I would have made anyway. Now, that will probably detract from being a good manager, and will slow my income from the shop to a crawl, but there will be a good balance in there somewhere as sitting in my shop managing it all day doesnt really get me sales any faster than if I were there only half of the time or even a quarter of the time.

Really owning a shop for my partners and I isn't really to make money. It's to get experience owning a shop and seeing what it is like, while giving others in our crew a chance at the same experience without having to save forever for a shop of their own. This may be part of Jack's experiment as well..

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-Senior Officer of Dastardly Deviant Devils.

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