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Posted by Squidbeard at Sep 29, 2003 3:20:03 AM
I'd argue more, but you contradict yourself!
Cedric wrote: 
...Because most of the purchasing is done by the newbies who shop at the cheapest place, no matter the wait time. Sure, they eventually learn that they can get tings faster by paying a bitmore, and some do, but by that time they already have their clothing and swords they wanted and the deed is done.

Nonsense. I've been at this since the 4th of July, and I'm still buying clothes and swords, and the islands still buy plenty of raw materials (especially the new shoppes). I learned pretty quick that it's worth some extra poe if you don't have to wait a week for delivery. It's just a matter of getting the word out about your service. (Consider this another request to let shoppekeepers put up signs.)

Cedric wrote: any event, you can pay as much as you like for labor, someone will best that price, and the limited number of people who actually seek jobs will run away from you to the other place.

...increased prices won't be offset by incresed income. Most income is earned through pillaging and you can only earn so much money pillaging, there is no asking the boss for a raise.

You've just contradicted yourself. A shoppekeeper (a good one, at least) won't price himself out of the market altogether. There's a limit to what he can pay for labor and still make sales and turn a profit. It's not a never-ending upward spiral.

I do agree with you that it's all moot as soon as the crafting puzzles come into play. I'm betting we'll see some serious (and probably painful) shaking out while the labor force straightens itself out. And masochist that I am, I'm looking forward to it!

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