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Posted by Cedric at Sep 29, 2003 1:44:08 AM
Flushing out the people who hadn't played in 10 days has really booched the shops ability to produce again. shopowners had to work a good while to get a good workforce created, hiring and firing only people who gave them enough hours because of the limited slots available.

Now their simply isn't enough workers to go around. Not onlt are all of the old shops now desperate to hire, theres a couple of dozen new shops on Spring and all of the new islands (and more ocming ths week!)

There's nothing to be done about the previous firing, its done, but can the cutoff be rolled back to 30 days? The turnover on the workforce is killer at 10 days. I want to be able to micromanage to make a shop run better, not to make it run at all.
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