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Posted by Paulisma at Jun 8, 2015 4:03:41 PM
Re: Flags seeking Crews
Bacon Strips is returning.

A quick glance at our flag page will show we've war dec'd every island holding flag. (If we missed a flag, do inform us and we'll fix that). What does this mean?

1) War is a possibility. While we doubt many of these war dec's get returned until we actually start blockading in the coming weeks, if you like the potential for hunting PvP's, we have a good start. If this is a concern for you, but you like the rest of what we have to offer, chat with me in game or another royal and we'll try to see if you'll be able to enjoy being in our flag or not.

2) Freedom in blockades. For the past half year or something (from what we've heard) the ocean has basically been LB/BDB/WFI vs everyone else. We think that's getting pretty old, lame and the fact that three different flags were immediately upset we dropped on Kiwara this past weekend makes us want to change this. We aren't concerned with the alliances of the ocean. We want fun, competitive blockades. Our plans have always and will always been "Let's hit island X" instead of "Let's hit flag Y".

3) We don't care what you do. If you stay within the ToS, you're welcome to do whatever, have whatever attitude, troll, be nice, be a jerk, whatever. We also don't care who you do or don't job for in blockades.

If you've heard of us, you have a good idea of what we're about. If you haven't and you're curious, send me a tell in game.

Low Blow don't have an island. Can you please retract your war declaration.
hi im kev

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