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Posted by BehindCurtai at May 7, 2015 6:29:00 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game

This seems to be the relevant thread, talking about the commodity spawns, and bid tickets versus merchant spawns.

Here is an idea for a different idea.
Have separate spawn rates for bids and merchants.

What I saw mentioned in this thread: If the people on the far side of the ocean were to try to raise their prices, and it succeeded in raising spawns, it would only generate more stuff at the bid tickets, dropping their price down.

As an alternative, based on my (years old, pre-merger) shop keeping: Have it all be different.

Option 1. All the merchant spawns are determined based on dockside buy prices/shipping distance. All the market spawns are determined based on oceanwide bid pricing. If market pricing goes up, then more merchant-delivered stuff will happen, but not an increase in bid tickets/ player shipping. Equally, if you bid more, you'll increase the delivery rate, without increasing the merchant rate.

Option 2. Each island that has merchants could, for example, look at how much that island's merchants would earn by shipping; each island adjusts spawns locally, with some global factor (nb: the lack of a global factor completely would, I feel, hurt badly.) Ditto for each market. Note that if there's only one market spawning a commodity, or only one merchant source for a commodity, then the "global" factor disappears.

Yes, I know that there is some solution made, and it "sort-of" works, but it's also keeps the "increased spawn rate" global -- it increases markets (dropping prices) as much as merchants, and doesn't help market-dominated commodities (which seemed to be a complaint).
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