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Posted by patgangster at Dec 31, 2014 2:40:03 PM
Re: Tzz's Ultimate Puzzle Guide: Version 2.0
I thought that this thread was just an update of the 2007 thread A guide for XOs - How ships really work, but that thread was created by someone else. Back then, I tested a lot of the results that Bootlicker got for in-battle results, but I haven't tested things again since the increased swabbies. Back then, I also used the "battle brigands" mission to get swabbies that scored higher than fine and found that yes, all performance from all stations matter.

Testing things again, and showing testable data would be good.

It's actually an update of Tzz's ultimate puzzle guide.

The thread you linked is still really neat even (but outdated with swabbie numbers being increased (here) and lower-DR puzzling being buffed (here), it'd be great to see that research being redone where needed and expanded on. (Would be better to do in its own thread maybe?)
TriplePat, Emerald.

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