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Posted by gagund at Dec 30, 2014 3:56:05 PM
Re: Tzz's Ultimate Puzzle Guide: Version 2.0
Did you even read the whole thing?
"This does not mean you only need 40% of sail stations filled though. It's not the top 40% of the duty report, but the 40% of the current indicator levels."

Yes. It is not 40% of the current indicator levels, it is close to 100% of the stations. Obviously, the duty reports are meaningless. You can easily have more people on the duty report than there are stations. I really have no idea why the DR would be brought up.

I still don't think you understand.

No, I understand, and it is obviously wrong. Having more stations filled beyond the 40% gives a boost, it certainly isn't capped. Now, Tzz is claiming that there is a difference between swabbies and players, with nothing to back up that claim. Actually, a lot of this guide has nothing to back up the claims, it is just the sails thing is easily testable and wrong. It is even easier to test now that the number of swabbies has been increased.

BTW, I sure wish I could get a ship that generated 20 moves/turn!

Your continued lack of understanding amazes me....

He very clearly states the top 40% of sailing performance is what matters. Not only filling up to 40% of sailing stations

Now, i haven't done testing myself or done any searching to see if someone has done it and posted their results so i don't know how "correct" this cap number is but I assume a cap is easy enough to test. Fill a ship with x number of bots sailing (doing fine). Get into battle. Count how long it takes the generate moves. Then try the same thing except use x-1 number of bots and use 1 alt who just booches. If there is a cap, then the move generation should be around the same.

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