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Posted by gagund at Dec 29, 2014 9:48:55 PM
Re: Tzz's Ultimate Puzzle Guide: Version 2.0
Did you even read the whole thing?
"This does not mean you only need 40% of sail stations filled though. It's not the top 40% of the duty report, but the 40% of the current indicator levels."

Yes. It is not 40% of the current indicator levels, it is close to 100% of the stations. Obviously, the duty reports are meaningless. You can easily have more people on the duty report than there are stations. I really have no idea why the DR would be brought up.

I still don't think you understand.

You wrote
"For example, a MB has 6 sailing stations, so 40% of that would be only 2.4 stations"

He wrote
This does not mean you only need 40% of sail stations filled though

It's the top 40% of sailing production at any given point. And it actually helps the ship.

For example, say you have 10 sailors and they all get good on the DR. Let's say fines generate 1 move/turn, good 2 moves/turn, exc 3 moves/turn.
If 100% is counted, that's 20 moves/turn.
But, let's say each sailor got a good by doing exc sails 50% of the time and fine the other 50%. Let's also say that the time they are doing exc is spread out evenly so that at any point there are 50% sailors doing exc work.
So if only the top 40% is counted, that means that instead of 20 moves/turn, the ship will generate 30 moves/turn.

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