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Posted by Bobafeis at Sep 25, 2014 9:46:17 PM
Re: "Disturb The Kraken" Requirements
Wutai wrote: 
2) "Configure Voyage" must be set to Sea Monster Hunt. This can only be obtained if the ending chart-destination is the league point of the Kraken Lair. As a word of caution, configure voyage can be "downgraded" while at sea to pillaging, if the ship is re-charted to a non-SMH league point, even if only temporarily, and to evading at any time. The voyage can not, however, be "upgraded" back to Sea Monster Hunt unless the ship returns to any island's league point, from which there it can freely configure its voyage type.

This is inaccurate. I haven't tested with all the voyage options, but you can enter if you are set to evading. You'll just look really silly if you post to the NB.
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