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Posted by WutaiWeb at Sep 25, 2014 7:58:09 PM
"Disturb The Kraken" Requirements
We all had it happen or saw it happen: your ship spends many minutes flying over to the Kraken's lair and lo and behold! Your "Disturb the Kraken" button is greyed out! D:

Sometimes this may be a bug but more often than not it's due to not meeting one of the many nuance criterias required by The Kraken to enter his slimy, gropy, tentacley embrace.

I intend to add this list of the requirements needed to the Yppedia Kraken page, since confusion seems to be rampant on this matter of entering the Kraken.

Please review and revise, if necessary:

1) Lifeboats, there must be one lifeboat ticket consumed per pirate, per entry. Thirty entries of 10 pirates requires 300 lifeboats in total (Sparta!)

2) "Configure Voyage" must be set to Sea Monster Hunt. (Edit: I lied. D: You can enter with any voyage type set. Thanks to the two fact checkers below :3 ) This can only be obtained if the ending chart-destination is the league point of the Kraken Lair. As a word of caution, configure voyage can be "downgraded" while at sea to pillaging, if the ship is re-charted to a non-SMH league point, even if only temporarily, and to evading at any time. The voyage can not, however, be "upgraded" back to Sea Monster Hunt unless the ship returns to any island's league point, from which there it can freely configure its voyage type.

3) If the ship is not owned by the raid leader, the ship must be set to battle-ready. Yes, you heard right. Even if the Kraken is a nonsinking activity, for whatever reason it is classified as a Sea Monster Hunt and the ship must be set to battle-ready if it is not owned by you. If it is owned by you, then you and your jobbers may enter regardless of what security layer the ship is set to.

4) All pirates on board must be free of tournaments and ongoing carousing games (including SF and Rumble matches) before the ship may enter The Kraken. The tournament aspect makes sense, since we would not want anyone being ripped out of the navigation board to play a SF match in a tourny, and the requirement that all players must be out of games like poker is probably to avoid having them ripped out of their game before they can exit it properly. I don't know if this is an ongoing thing now, but formerly if a player was in a tournament and had already lost their match, the ship could not enter until that tournament, as a whole, was completed.
Hiding. :3

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