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Posted by Fransil at Aug 4, 2014 11:38:00 AM
Comprimised Acc?? HELP ?
So like my main Cruzo's account was banned few hrs earlier as a result of some protection mechanism as the game thought im being hacked o.O ( Banned Due to Comprimised Acc was the reason.) Before the tartes go HAHAHA yer going to get banned for evasion : scupper off.

This ban isnt rly a ban and ive never rly done anything wrong/ against ToS.

Lately tho;
Ive been using a VPN software which assigns me random IPs to be able to access the games i play/open sites that are blocked on the campus' network.

Not sure if the hack detecton was based off the IPs or w/e but uh i've been told to put a plea through account support which i have done. After which i was supposed to be contacted by a company Rep through email who confirms im cruzo/account owner.

Somewhere it was said the verification is done through purchase history lolololl ( never bought dubs xD )
Then Im told by the OMs there are other methods too but i'll have to wait for the email which:
"usually takes 1-2 working days"

Long story short: I need my acc. back. I cant wait for more than a month ( never boght dubs, dont want a purge duhh )

Willing to share alt account details/email infos etc with authorities if needed or any other relevant info for verification : S

( posting this everywhere i find relevant lolo not much of a forumer, dont scuppering forum ban me too ! D: )
Cruzo of Obsidian
(Dead and gone)

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