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Posted by marundel at Feb 17, 2014 1:15:29 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
Pizzahutpete wrote: 
{...} I am seeing similar dearths of Cobalt-side merchant activity in hemp, sugar cane, tellurium, cubanite, papagoite, sassafras, serandite, madder, nettle, thorianite and others.

As a data junky, I keep track of lots of stuff, but I try to spare the forums from being dumped on too much. A few of those commodities you listed seem to be much *easier* to get on the cobalt side, in particular, cubanite, papagoite and thorianite are cheaper now, and I don't see a big change in serandite or sassafras.

As stated, it's less noticeable on commodities that are used less often. Sassafras is only used in black enamel and a mug. Thorianite and serandite are used primarily in just a couple swords and a couple pigments respectively. Once purchased, it's a while before they are needed again, so the absence of spawn or of bot deliveries is less noticeable. Add to that people like me who run those particular commodities over long distances for a small profit, and it would be little wonder that they don't necessarily show up in your stats. In fact, I still have close to 1000 cubanite and several hundred serandite on a ship that I ran in months ago from the Midnight side, and about once a week or so sell off for profit when the right buy prices show up on the Cobalt side. Bots used to deliver about a dozen units of sass a day among the four southern Onyx islands. I think I've seen a dozen units total over the last month... but the buy prices don't change much because the demand for skull mugs and black enamel itself isn't very high at the moment.
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