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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 17, 2014 12:26:13 PM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
Mnemosyne wrote: 
A solution is currently in testing and we hope to nudge it over to the live servers in the near future.

Is there any chance you can at least vaguely describe the solution? It is possible that players can give some insight about how effective the solution is.

Pizzahutpete wrote: 
{...} I am seeing similar dearths of Cobalt-side merchant activity in hemp, sugar cane, tellurium, cubanite, papagoite, sassafras, serandite, madder, nettle, thorianite and others.

As a data junky, I keep track of lots of stuff, but I try to spare the forums from being dumped on too much. A few of those commodities you listed seem to be much *easier* to get on the cobalt side, in particular, cubanite, papagoite and thorianite are cheaper now, and I don't see a big change in serandite or sassafras.

Seatexan wrote: 
Rhinoceros Ridge spawns hemp and it is right next to Namath.

Yes, Rhinoceros Ridge spawns hemp, and is even one of the ocean's largest spawns, but it also spawns lorandite, of which, 87% of it spawns on the cobalt side. With the price of lorandite being offered on the midnight side, a single unit of lorandite would make the <merchant> bot go elsewhere. You would probably have to offer to buy hemp at 100PoE/unit to make it more profitable for the <merchant> bot to go to Namath.
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