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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 16, 2014 4:31:14 AM
Re: The ocean merge is ruining the game
It strikes me as far easier, if wood is the only issue (and it's the only issue I've heard about on the forums), to create a new island or two that spawn wood, over on the short side. They don't even need to be visible to the players.

That is certainly a possibility. And, yes, wood is the biggest issue for me, but I don't run all store types.

However other problems were mentioned on this thread. This thread was originally started because sugar cane was was very hard to come by on jubilee, hemp is very expensive and the balance on the dye herbs is a real pain. Moreover, where you placed such an island would create winners and losers, much like the ocean merger did.

In some ways, the best solution would be to decolonize islands and let the <merchant> bots smooth things out. A lot of spawns are on islands with populations well below 100 that have effectively dead economies. They are ok if you can self-supply all your labor (pay hundreds of dollars per month for subs) and sell things on the forums, or self-supply a flag, but even that is hard.


Another idea I had a long time ago that would help a great deal is that if the bid price of a commodity on a colonized island drops too far below the tax value, some of that commodity spawn should be loaded onto <merchant> bots. The further below the tax value, the more should be delivered via <merchant> bots.

There certainly should be a nice profit margin between the bid ticket price and the tax value, we want it to still be profitable for traders to ship stuff, but if the bid price of wood is 16-17 and the tax value is 23+, having some go to <merchant> bots would help. Note that since there is a huge amount of wood being bought dockside for 35-40PoE, <merchant> bots delivering wood to those shops would *raise* the tax value, thus pushing even more wood delivery to <merchant> bots. This would continue until the dockside price of wood dropped to something reasonable.

Spawning <merchant> bots instead of filling bid tickets should happen sooner for bulky goods because shipping bulky goods generates so little fun for the game. <Merchant> bots should also be much more willing to ship bulky goods long distances.
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