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Posted by bailet at Jan 9, 2014 7:13:37 PM
Re: Changes to how standing increases?
In my experience, the scoring curve of shipwrightin has become much harder since OOO released the limited edition ships. There is also a nasty catch-22. You can't score well until you get two 5-square pieces, but you don't get two 5-square peices until you score well. Even then, most players score near the maximum, so it takes a lot of high-Excellent or Incredibles to go up to Renowned, and low-Ecellents may just barely get you Master (two levels above where you are now).

Make sure you productively use all of the "overtime" that the game give you after you place the last piece.

All crafting puzzles minus distilling have a poor setup as far as scaling difficulty/scoring associated to rank. And we can add Dnav to the infamous list.

Dnav requires more stars. Higher rank = more stars, although you can grind through the stars, it takes a horribly long time to get the ability to provide worthwhile sessions in the long time spent on the station.
Alchem requires higher bottles
Forage requires large chests
Blacksmith is fairly hard to accomplish without all the pieces, believe it or not.
Weaving requires multiple colors.

I wish they would move towards a system where you could either skip to advanced boards or change how you receive the new boards, because of OP's exact reason and your explanation. You can't score well, until you score well.

In relation to OP;
Keep on trucking. Crafting puzzles are the devil when it comes to grinding the ranks, since very few people do them and the ones who do are people generally skilled at it and their alts causing a massive curve on the puzzles. Don't be discouraged, things have just changed since you were last on. And not necessarily for the better. Good luck!
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