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Posted by Tee_Beard at Sep 27, 2003 10:45:39 PM
The List, and something about Mail.
Right. Here's hoping I don't booch this one.

I keep hearing the term 'the List' being used often, either by oldbies or the Three Ringers. I know what it means (in a sense): It's supposedly the 'developmental roadmap' for Y!PP, with features that Cleaver et al. would like to add into the software.

The question is: is there an official page for this, which gets updated often? Is there a news post or an annoucement that is stickied, so that newbies can go look-see?

We're talking about a development roadmap: what Cleaver et al. will add into their game, or are seriously considering. Not a Wish List, but The List.

I've tried looking for it, ("The List", all terms searched, and those in which Cleaver has participated, in the search), but the amount of results (74) I got was almost completely unusable. Did get the Mail thread, though, which is useful. Somewhat.

Or is it locked in some secret room somewhere, inaccessible to all but the Three Ringers? :)

I wanted to add a query about a mail service, but I found this thread, so I won't need to ask about it:

The "[URL=[/URL]Mail System?[/URL]" thread, within the Game Design forum.

I think I shall participate. Excuse me.
ItÂ’s kind of funny/sad how I still can find the thing that made me part of Y!PP canon.

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