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Posted by Terrorted at Dec 25, 2013 4:11:34 PM
Re: Black Flag Box/Officer Auction
Black Flag Box/Officer Auction Fundraiser
Sunday December 29th 10am game time
Where: Black Flag Hall on Kent

The following pirates will be donating an hour of their time to the highest bidder. They will make arrangements with their purchaser to serve their time, and can not be forced to do anything that they don't want to do or against the TOS. This list may be added to as the auction gets closer. Bids on officers start at 20k with increases of 1k. At the time of the auction a brief resume of each pirate will be given.

Imrans (note Immy asked not to actually do any work, but will be happy to send dirty tells for an hour)

Box auction:

100K tier (bidding starts at 100k, increases of 1k)
Blacksmith Guru - upgraded IM on Sayers
War Frig Thick Angler
Tiburon Sloop Streamlined Bullhead
Gilded/gold box furniture set ( wardrobe, display case, beds and more)
Light Blue/tan parrot
Gold Class Sloop Gleaming Angelfish
Smugglers Class sloop HIdden Rudd
Chocolate Class sloop Saccharine Ling
Merchant Galleon Social Trout
Atlantean Furniture set (4 statues and more)
Alice Class Sloop Manxome Haddock

50k tier (bidding starts at 50k, increases of 1k)
Boxes in this tier contain prizes such as dhows, cursed sloop, LE chroma sets, large pets and furniture prizes.

10k tier (bidding starts at 10k, increases of 1k)
Boxes in this tier contain furniture items of all types (black box, gold box, CI etc..), a sloop, a gator, karkinos, chroma sets and more.

Winners of boxes in the 100k tier will be asked to pay for their box upon winning the bid, and the boxes will be distributed after all the 100k boxes are auctioned. All the prizes in this tier are specifically listed. The boxes in the 50k and 10k tiers will be paid for and distributed as they are won. Prizes listed for these tiers are a representation of the prizes in the boxes, but not limited to only these prizes. Many of the items in these boxes are worth far more than the minimum bid.

If anyone is interested in pre-bidding on a particular box or officer, please talk to me in-game.

Hope to see you all there:)

Terrorted of Emerald
Demeter tells ye, "Hehe"
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