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Posted by Sk8ergurl13 at Dec 21, 2013 4:04:59 PM
No Turning Back fundraiser event!
Set aside Box and Pirate Auctions, poker and whatnot, No Turning Back presents you our first fundraising event! The Puzzle Highway Challenge!

Funds for?: Flag funds will fund our plan to blockade in the future.

How this works: If you know this, it is in fact a smaller adaptation of that! asked permission to Jackpot - she said yes.

How this event works: - We'll work with one puzzle at a time. We'll start with Sails, Rigs, Carp, Patch and then Bilge. We be asking participants to pay a small entry fee of 10k, the sum of the entry fees will then be added into the pot which will be divided among the last puzzlers standing.

- To avoid battles the competition will be done while the ship is swabbying. Size of ship depends on how many participants we get.
- Same as Jackpot's, we'll give you two LPs to build up your puzzle. As we hit the third LP, bottom two puzzlers, REGARDLESS of the DR, will be PLANKED.
- This will continue until half of the puzzlers are planked, once we hit the halfway mark of the participants (say 18 participants, remaining puzzlers are down to 9), planking will only be the bottom puzzler which means we'll be planking one pirate at a time
- This will continue till we are left with two puzzlers. This is where DEATHMATCH begins. The remaining puzzlers will be given 3 LP's to puzzle, the pirate who topped the most DRs wins first prize, the latter wins second.

THE THING IS: We wanna do it one station at a time. One swabbied ship will for SAILS alone. Other stations will be ran on another ship after the first one OR it can will be run simultaneously. Speed of the ship will be consistent. No one will turn about the ship, or any other activities that will reduce the ship from full speed. We wanna make the length before each DR consistent. The target is to reach full speed is the first two LPs. Say for example, for the sails comp, the ones carping and bilging will be the bots and human sails. This is reduce the clatter on the ship. The only ones aboard are the puzzlers, me, and my flaggies that will be assisting us. This will be done on our cade crew to avoid other people hopping on/off.

~1st prize: 40% of the pot
~2nd prize: 20% of the pot
**the rest goes to flag funds.
Target Date: FRIDAY, 6PM GAME TIME 12/27/2013

If you want to join, post your in game names here and/or send one of the contacts a tell. We'll poke you 30 mins before the event and have you job to our cade crew. Contacts are Jacking, Deadcode, Wolfie, and Skatergurl. Hope to see you there!
Skatergurl of Emerald

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