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Posted by hammer1 at Dec 20, 2013 3:55:58 PM
Headline for the Yeti story.{Winner Minsiem }

No one believed Sweet Desmond?s crazy ramblings about yetis. Until the day he staggered into the inn with a fresh portrait of himself and Doubtful Connor. The paint was a bit smudged, but astonished pirates could see the clear image of an abominable being! When pressed how he came upon this fierce looking creature, Sweet Desmond remembered prying a mysterious expedition chart from the hand of a defeated brigand.
Gather a crew and set yer voyage to pillage ! Plunder 'Yeti Sighting' expeditions from brigands and barbarians! Each pirate will receive a free portrait with a Yeti, and Ice Chest Treasure boxes will be placed into the booty of the ship for everyone to share.

We need a headline??

Nice and simple event. Write a headline for the Yeti Story!

Prizes, 1 month of subscription and 5,000 Pieces of eight. To the winner (Cerulean)

Closing date 21st of Dec at Midnight Game time!

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