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Posted by Brianjd at Dec 18, 2013 8:34:23 AM
Re: Require Excel Help
What I am trying to do in Excel is to organise the copied information so that it will transfer the information into following columns.

Vessel Name
Vessel Type
Vessel Class
Island Ported
Locked/Unlocked (false changes to unlocked, true to locked)
Vessel ID (Can come in handy referring to it if something goes wrong)
Last Updated (if no move made it does not update)
Ships Removed (Sunk, Pirate Left Crew, Sold etc)

You unfortunately have to recreate the Ship List each time that you want an updated ship list but these are the steps needed to sort them like that in Microsoft Excel 2010:

1. Copy and paste the information into cell A1 of Microsoft Excel
2. Click on the Data ribbon
3. Click on Text to Columns
4. Make sure Delimited is the checked in the box (well not checked, it's one of those bubble boxes so make sure it is bubbled in)
5. Check everything under Delimited EXCEPT Space and in the Other: section put an equals sign (=) and make sure that box is checked
6. I normally click Do not import this column (skip) on this step because it will take out the column that says vesselName
7. Click Finish

Ta-da, you now have a ship list, you will have to resize the cells for them to look decent (just click top left of all of the cells to highlight everything then double click between two cells like A and B and it will autosize everything)

Bonus tips on how to read and understand the ship list you have just made:

the Columns that say vesselClass, vesselSubclass, inPort, islandName, isLocked, isBattleReady, vesselid, sunk all refer to the column that is to the right of themself (i.e. if vesselClass is in Column B it is referring to Column C

vesselClass tells you what size ship the ship is (smsloop is a sloop and lgsloop is a Cutter)
vesselSubclass is for Limited Edition ships (doesn't tell you which ones are from mystery boxes like a Wine/Wine War Frig)
inPort if true, means that the ship is in port and is not at sea
islandName tells you what island the ship is ported at or I believe (could be wrong here) the island that if abandoned at sea, it would autoport at
isLocked if true, then the ship is locked by it's owner
isBattleReady if true, then the ship is set to Battle Ready by it's owner
vesselId I am not sure exactly how this number is calculated, but I believe that it is calculated by how many of that ship are out there, if you have sloop 1 then you have the first sloop ever on the ocean (I could be wrong here though)
sunk if true, means that the ship has been sunk and if you /vwho the ship it will say Resting at the bottom of the Sea

I hope my wall of text helped you out, if you have any more questions please feel free to post it here, because I don't normally read PMs on the forums.

P.S. Once you get used to doing this, making a ship list every time you need an updated one won't take long. It takes me 15-30 seconds each time I want one
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