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Posted by 1nkd at Dec 17, 2013 2:10:42 AM
Require Excel Help
Ahoy all,

I've got this idea that would work well for keeping track of crew fleets etc.

When you are in a crew and are in the dock you can press a tab called "where is my vessels" click where the vessels are and CTRL+A then CTRL+C (on a windows PC) This can also work for shops, commodities etc.

You can open a program like Excel or OpenOffice Calc and copy CTRL+V information from Puzzle Pirates.


[vesselName=Active Shad, vesselClass=smsloop, vesselSubclass=null, inPort=true, islandName=Scrimshaw Island, isLocked=true, isBattleReady=false, vesselId=5359069, sunk=false]

What I am trying to do in Excel is to organise the copied information so that it will transfer the information into following columns.

Vessel Name
Vessel Type
Vessel Class
Island Ported
Locked/Unlocked (false changes to unlocked, true to locked)
Vessel ID (Can come in handy referring to it if something goes wrong)
Last Updated (if no move made it does not update)
Ships Removed (Sunk, Pirate Left Crew, Sold etc)

Then when I copy and paste in the future in the existing document changes like Island Ported and New Ships appear.


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