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Posted by ryujinpp at Dec 16, 2013 11:22:04 AM
[EVENT] Who wants to be the governor of Emperor?
Emperor wut?

Nothing new actually.. following is a list of some past events involving governor
Cobalt April 2006
Sage Sept 2006
Hunter June 2007
Cerulean June 2013

Some facts on Emperor Island:
It was the first blockaded island on puzzle pirates (
It was the last island blockaded on Midnight ocean prior to ocean merge (
It was one of the first 8 islands blockaded on Cerulean ocean (

From now until 31st Dec 2013 (whilst the island remain under stewardship of Black Flag Inc), we are opening up the position of governor temporarily to anyone interested in making a portrait

We have also created a temporary flag for this event for those who want to be the King or Queen of Emperor whilst doing their portrait.. the flag's name is Emperor

The front of the portrait will display "Commissioned by your-pirate-name at Napoleon's Retreat on Emperor Island under the fine governance of your-pirate-name.", while the back will optionally display "King (or Queen) of the flag Emperor" if you wants to be the monarch of the flag for the portrait session
Front sample
Back sample

Question: How much do I have to pay for this?
Answer: Either an unnamed color familiar or 1 poe (you must choose one of the payment options)

Question: I am currently not subbed, can I still do this?
Answer: Yes, non-subscribers can be made governor

Question: I do not want to leave my flag, can I just be the governor?
Answer: Of cos

Question: When can I do this?
Answer: Anytime you track down noobieryu or ryujin. Or you could post your pirate name & list down the time in which you are often online and we would track you down instead

Question: Anything else to note?
Answer: Yes, in order to minimise the time taken to make your portrait, we would appreciate if you could check your wardrobes first and also decide in advance on which portrait background to use
Galene tells ye, "I reserve the right to not deliver prizes to you anymore in the future :P"
Galene tells ye, "You crashed me 6 times!"

Ryujin on all oceans

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