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Posted by gangsta500 at Dec 16, 2013 10:58:45 AM
Re: Tides of Glory Box Auction
Update on Tides of Glory Box Auction:

We Now have 35 Boxes up for auction. Bidding still starts at 40k/box

since there is no LE ship for this month, we are putting in an Unnamed Serpent as well

So, You could win an Unnamed Aqua SH, and a Unnamed serpent.
as well as other Cool stuff!

Here is the List of Prizes in the boxes:

1x Unnamed Aqua SH
1x Unnamed Serpent (Navy,Grey)
1x Unnamed Gold Seal
5x Brand NEW Game Tables ( 2 SF, 2 Poker, 1 Hearts)
5x Brand NEW Swords ( 3 Skull Daggers, 2 Falchions)
5x Unnamed Karkinos
1x Plain Sloop ported Admiral
2x Giant Nutcracker Statues (1 Giant Imperial Nutcracker, 1 Giant Pirate Nutcracker)
2x Unnamed Gators
1x Ticket for 2hrs of Fotty Time (special thanks to Fottycrazy)
1x Ticket for 2hrs of Swaggy Time (special thanks to Seaswagger)
2x Ocean Master Eggs (1 Hera, 1 Galene)
8x Gilded Furniture ( Gilded Skelly Armors, Gilded Display Case, Gilded Tables)

Auction Date/Time is Friday, December 20th at 9am GMT.

It Will Be Hosted on a Grand Frig. So we Will be Advertising in Admiral Inn, as well as on the Notice Board! Bring some poes and we hope to see you all there :)

- Cptjsparrow

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