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Posted by Merovingien2 at Dec 6, 2013 7:26:55 AM
Re: December Doodle #2: That's Cracy Talk [Deadline Saturday]
Merovingien of Meridian

Demonico-Tailorocracy : The power is something you must wear...

Seriously : A pirate wearing raggs who becomes officer or more??? you're kidding me...

You ‘re an officer ? be dressed like an officer ; you’re a captain ? show it! Don’t look like a cabin person. You’re a cabin person ? you can be assured you will be seen like it…

In this society , appearance is the power’s reflect , and us, tailors, are the mirrors : guardian of this power.

demonico-tailorule 1) Be dressed=>be loved , be ragged=> be naked ( waiting for girls with spyglasses and free portraits ^^...for men turning into worms, ravens are waiting for you...)

demonico-tailorule 2) Tailors have to be elegant by nature, so their own outfits costs 50% cheaper than others pirates. tailors selling rags, be ragged...and you know what happens next ^^...

demonico-tailorule 3) Pirates who wants to become tailors must pass an "E-level" ( Elegance exam) : in front of tailors jury, they'll have to constitute 10 outfits with colours combinations being creative and elegant : to make sure power is in good hands. If they attempt to corrupt jury, jury keep the money, but pirate be ragged ^^ ( french are immediately considered as an elegant person, no need to pass the exam)

demonico-tailorule 4) Whatever they could say or moan, pirates must pay the amount required by the tailor to be dressed. Price is flexible depending on the tailor's mood and his wish to see ragged people ^^.

Demonico-tailorule 5) Chinese counterfeiting is severely punished ( make a guess ^^..)

Prepare to change the pirate society’s face , because <<dressed or naked?>> : that is the question… and we make sure to answer it (^o^).

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